We apply practical artificial intelligence (Ai) to design, create, and optimize counter-UUV technologies, autonomous weapons systems, and unmanned platforms to support America’s national security.

Unmanned and autonomous systems are already prevalent on the battlefield. As human-machine teaming further matures, these platforms will become even more ubiquitous and even more precise, meticulous, and exacting than they are today.

Alion’s engineers and system developers are using applied Ai, deep learning, and machine learning to prototype, test, and deploy the next generation of unmanned platforms. These smart systems can better pinpoint potential targets, while keeping humans on the loop, and offer superior navigation and collision avoidance capabilities. With leading-edge technical skills, hard-won insight into critical integration challenges, and unique credentials and facilities, we provide unparalleled experimentation and testing of unmanned vehicles to meet DoD and national security objectives.



With full design, rapid prototyping, and development capabilities, we can reverse engineer aged devices, expand the capabilities of existing systems to support ISR, and invent entirely new autonomous systems for military use.


Whether created in-house or translated from the private sector, our SMEs move at the speed of new technology to integrate unmanned and autonomous capabilities that turn existing systems into powerful weapons of tomorrow.


Our experienced engineers and data scientists understand both the evolving complexity and sensitivity surrounding the testing and evaluation of unmanned systems — and systems of systems — for military use.


The use of mechanical systems to collect, contain, and recover oil is a primary technique in responding to offshore oil spills. This method has the advantage of immediate removal of oil from the environment. Under a Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) contract, we developed an unmanned oil recovery system with the capability to skim oil from ice-infested waters.

This skimmer system has the unique ability to submerge and travel under water and ice to surface within an ice pocket and recover oil. Alion integrated its previously designed ROV-based submersible sled technology (SEAHORSE) with a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) skimmer technology to develop the prototype ICEHORSE system, which was tested at Ohmsett in 2016. After the successful testing in 2016, BSEE awarded Alion a second contract to further develop the concept. We designed ICEHORSE 2 with the modifications suggested by the original ICEHORSE test results, advancing the original ICEHORSE proof-of-concept to improve the design, making it more useful in an operational environment, and including the ability to locate and guide the system from beyond visual sight of the tending vessel as well as below the ice pack.


Alan Dietrich, Senior Vice President 
Al Dietrich assumed the role of senior vice president and group manager for Alion’s Rapid Solutions Group (RSG) in January 2018, following more than a year of success in his previous role as the deputy group manager for the company’s Distributed Simulation Group (DSG). In his role as RSG group manager, Al is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Alion’s ISR and systems engineering and integration work.

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