We design and integrate a variety of system solutions to give America’s service members an edge in their missions. At Alion, we are engineering an edge at the edge for our clients.


Data Fusion

We develop cutting-edge data fusion engines and algorithms to help the United States advance the way we gather, integrate, validate, and activate data.

Embedded Systems

At Alion, we design, develop, integrate, and optimize embedded systems to reduce size and cost while increasing reliability and performance.

Engineering and Quick Reaction Capability

Every project or program runs into unforeseen issues, where highly-specialized engineering talent and a timely response are required to meet customer requirements and preserve program schedules.  Rapidly locating and tapping into needed talent can be a critical factor on the path to program success.

Artificial Intelligence

Our data scientists use deep and machine learning to modernize defense and intelligence systems, building a foundation for solid human-machine teams.

Systems Analysis

With proven testing and analysis solutions, we help make sure your people, processes, and technology are running at maximum quality efficiency and effectiveness.

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