Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E)

RDT&E comprises the overarching set of activities that result in providing the warfighter with new systems, subsystems, and capabilities. These activities require both technical expertise, to understand how to translate warfighter needs to actual systems; and an in-depth understanding of Government processes and procedures, to ensure that the timeline from requirement to fielding is as rapid as possible.

For many years, Alion’s reputation for engineering expertise and disciplined systems engineering (SE) processes has made us the employer of choice for senior (GS 14, 15 level) Government engineers wishing to broaden their contribution to national defense.  This has provided us with a large cadre of distinguished engineers who have served as chief engineers and provided guidance and expertise for high-priority programs such as the B-2, and F-22.  This source of expertise and corporate knowledge informs and guides all of our RDT&E efforts.


Precise, on-time and informative acquisition documentation (e.g. DoD Architecture Products, CDD, SRD, SEP, POE) tailored specifically for each customer and program ensuring that decision-makers have the information needed.


Our on-site project managers and engineers and acquisition professionals have reachback access to all Alion expertise and capabilities augmenting the Government staffs in System Program Offices throughout the DoD.


Using our cadre of project managers  and senior engineers, we support one-time needs such as Independent Review Teams or Tiger Teams to address unique and challenging situations that may arise during program execution.


On staff experts with unique knowledge in highly-specialized areas such as airworthiness certification, electromagnetic interference (EMI), anti-tamper (AT) techniques, and so on.  Whatever niche requirement our customers have, we likely have the expertise to address it.


LFM NVESDIn September 2020, Alion was awarded a $65 Million Task Order under the IAC MAC to provide Counter Explosive Hazard Research for the Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) of the US Army Combat Capability Development Command (DEVCOM) C5ISR Center.  NVESD exploits emerging technologies for reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition, day or night, under adverse battlefield environments; denies the enemy the same capabilities through electro-optic means, camouflage, concealment, and deception; provides pilotage in degraded visual environments; detects, neutralizes, clears, and marks mines, threat explosives, minefields, and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO); and protects forward troops, fixed installations, and rear echelons from enemy intrusion.

Alion has been a valued performer for NVESD Countermine Division for the last 17 years. During that time, Alion’s efforts have and continue to assist NVESD Countermine Division to develop solutions to detect, identify, and defeat the wide variety of Explosive Hazards (EH) and Battlefield Obstacles (BO) threatening U.S. forces and their platforms, systems, infrastructure, and ability to conduct operations.

The Countermine Division is starting several new projects with Alion providing programmatic and technical oversight.  The first project is focuses on Detection of Explosives for Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) application to identify IED threats.  Alion will also lead the Integration Testbed for Explosive Hazard Detection and Dissemination project. The objective of this technology demonstration effort is to create flexible, adaptive, and scalable infrastructure, interfaces, architectures, tools, algorithms and workflows for multi-sensor integration, exploitation, and seamless dissemination to improve situational awareness of explosive hazard threats for diverse mission profiles.

Finally, Alion will be providing support to the Humanitarian Demining Emerging Research and Development (HD R&D) Program.  The HD R&D Program focuses on the rapid development, testing, demonstration, and validation of technologies that increase efficiency and enhance the safety of humanitarian demining operations. In this mission, HD R&D adapts commercial-off-the-shelf technologies, use mature technologies, or leverages existing military countermine technologies to develop new systems for demining. HD R&D develops technology to meet the challenges that deminers face in all aspects of their work, including mine and minefield detection, area reduction, vegetation clearance, mechanical mine clearance and neutralization.

The Alion Team support to NVESD Countermine Division integrates engineering, operational, and acquisition expertise to provide responsive and comprehensive support across all areas needed to execute the Countermine Division mission.


Eric Wright, Operations Manager

 Based in our Dayton, OH, facility, Eric Wright is the operations leader for Alion’s Integrated Solutions (IS). The IS team performs Electronic Warfare RDT&E as well as Cyber resiliency, System Engineering and acquisition excellence, microelectronics Trust/Resiliency, hardware in the loop testing, electronic reverse engineering, foreign material exploitation, satellite war gaming.

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