Our custom-developed software tools let you take advantage of incredible analytical capabilities with minimal training — operating in your environment or in ours — to mitigate risk throughout physical, digital, and integrated environments.

The risk to America’s critical infrastructure grows daily. We provide the tools, techniques, and strategic support to help identify and mitigate vulnerabilities to both physical and electronic assets, including buildings, vessels, and computer networks. Our industry-specific expertise means we can help maximize security for power generation and chemical facilities, in addition to defense and military assets.

Our custom tools let you easily locate, analyze, and respond to perceived vulnerabilities, giving you the ability to prioritize the risk and respond accordingly. Using applied artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning technology, we can give you effective strategies to “plug the holes” in your defenses and improve your security posture.



We offer a suite of software-based risk management tools that provide insight across an entire organization, including human factors and other potential hazards, through a step-by-step process.


Our tools come backed by experienced instructors who will train your trainers or deliver an analysis for you, including a comprehensive report addressing both posture and remediation.


All of our software products can be quickly and precisely configured to address a more narrow domain issue, in addition to a broad analysis, based on your distinct needs or concerns.


Alion risk and technology experts provide both remote and hands-on technical support to keep your product delivering as expected, even if your operating environment changes.


Our core risk engine, CounterMeasures®, is available for customer hosting or secure web access via Alion’s hosted environment. Either way, this user-friendly product provides specified or all-hazard enterprise risk management for areas of protection you identify, including automated, threat-based risk reports looking across your enterprise. While the system currently offers assessments in eight domains, we stand ready to customize the tool for each client to address your unique environment. The application is designed to identify what assets are critical, the threats to which they are actually susceptible, available mitigation options, and the efficacy of those options in reducing enterprise risk. An in-depth analysis helps your organization understand the risk level, what contributes to it, and how to reduce it.


Alion offers an Interagency Security Committee (ISC)-certified version of our physical security risk management tool to address all hazards and provide reporting and mitigation options consistent with ISC guidelines. This product was developed in response to the need for all federal facilities not hosted on government installations to conduct a physical security assessment using a risk management framework process certified by ISC. Our product performs all of the back-end calculations to determine the facility security level as well as the necessary existing and baseline levels of protection demanded by ISC. With a step-wise approach to enterprise–wide analysis, this assessment allows an organization to model its risk and vulnerability levels, while delivering results that are creditable, defensible, and reproducible.


EPRM/MARM was developed to give commanders and managers oversight of enterprise risk management and protection of critical assets to support mission assurance. Designed under the NIST Risk Management Framework, EPRM/MARM uses machine learning to automate threat-based risk reporting across the enterprise. As an online application, EPRM/MARM provides leaders with the ability to view enterprise-wide risk assessments across multiple functional areas, helping you make informed decisions on where to best allocate resources. To help with this process, EPRM/MARM also provides interactive assessment, analysis, and management tools, including installation-wide and multi-installation roll-up reporting and cost benefit analysis calculations for remediation. This in-depth posture visualization — with a display of potential vulnerability to threats — aids commanders in critical, real-time decision-making.


Joe Nicholas

Joe Nicholas, Operations Manager

As the Director for Information Warfare Operations (IWO), Joe leads a talented and geographically dispersed team providing enterprise modernization and cybersecurity services, and cyber operations support across the Defense and Intelligence communities.

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