The Alion network includes subsidiaries, joint ventures, thousands of suppliers, and partnerships with businesses of virtually every size and description. These strong relationships support our ability to deliver a breadth of solutions to our clients, bringing the best available tools to address any mission need. We are proud of our commitment to supplier and partner diversity as well as the success of our long-term relationships.

Impact with a Global Network

The Alion network isn’t limited to our exceptional ~2,300 staff. Rather, our network is global, reaching throughout our subsidiary and partner organizations, our small business partnerships, university relationships, 3,500+ suppliers, and more. Whether you’re looking for the right contract vehicle to work with the U.S. Federal Government, have a new technology to share, or want to get connected with our colleagues outside of the United States, we are excited to welcome the right partners into our network so that we can build new relationships to bring the best possible solutions to the men and women of the Armed Services.


Become a Supplier

Alion is proud to work with the most responsive and experienced companies in the industry. Our suppliers — businesses of every size and description — deliver exceptional services, products, and technologies to help us deliver the solutions that our customers need, competitively and effectively. We locate and partner with suppliers that offer best-in-class knowledge and skills required by our diverse customer base, and we promote the use of small business concerns in all socioeconomic categories, to increase the breadth and depth of diversity and expertise that we can we offer.

Learn more about how to join our network on Supplier Central.


  • Small Businesses 84%
  • Small Disadvantaged 23%
  • Woman Owned 25%
  • Veteran Owned 18%
  • Service Disabled Veteran 12%

Collaborate with Alion

As a world-leading solution provider to the U.S. government for difficult defense problems, we operate as both Prime and Subcontractor, as the opportunity requires. Our ultimate goal is to promote an open innovation model and welcome best-in-class solutions from wherever they can be attained, because that’s what it takes for real mission success. If you’re a small business looking to work with Alion, review our technology interest areas below and get in touch if you see potential for us to work together:

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Human Machine Collaboration
  • Predictive Analytics / Big Data Analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Advanced Data and Signal Processing
  • Cyber (Offense and Defense) Technologies
  • C4ISR Technologies / PED Technologies
  • Remote Sensing Technologies ( Components, Systems)
  • Autonomous System Technology
  • Electronic Warfare and CEMA Technologies
  • PNT (Position Navigation and Timing) Technology
I look forward to meeting our current small business partners and to building relationships with new partners, including university researchers, small businesses, and those with commercial technologies that have crossover potential. Contact us today if you want to collaborate or discuss a new opportunity.
Todd Borkey

Chief Technology Officer

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