U.S. Army Enterprise Task Force, Office of Business Transformation (OBT)

The Army would not be able to sustain current and future combat missions without upgrading its business model to get the right soldier to the right place at the right time with the proper training and equipment.

With Alion’s help, the Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center (MSIAC) is leveraging expertise in both military and corporate organizational processes to create an improved Army business model. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), handpicked for their in-depth military as well as corporate experience, blended current industry best practices in a manner to best fit the Army structure and outlined a course of action for developing an enterprise assessment framework. The MSIAC applied the solution to the Army’s most critical resource area, the Human Capital Life-Cycle (HCLC), as well as the other Army resource streams. We then conducted comprehensive assessments of the DoD budget process to show how the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) model can be better supported. The results were briefed to OBT and will be used across the Army Core Enterprises.

The upgraded business model creates the potential to save lives by enhancing support to the warfighter. From a cost perspective, the US Army has already realized a $40M savings. Investments in enterprise architecture during Fiscal Year (FY) 10 resulted in the identification of redundant architecture tools, the elimination of which resulted in cost avoidance in annual license costs. In addition, FY10 training fleet readiness averages were a significant improvement from previous years’ averages. The efficiencies developed by using the Lean Six Sigma approach continue to press for the reduction and elimination of waste and inefficiency. When implemented under the upgraded business model, the Army can recognize a total value of $5.4B in financial benefits.