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With some of the most advanced integrated network architecture capabilities on the market, Alion’s engineers design and manage complex communication networks to keep you secure, connected, and mission ready.


Digital networks are the nervous system for today’s defense and national security operations. Modern command and control capabilities, as well as highly sensitive manned and unmanned platforms, can only perform at their best when they’re built on an underlying network that can respond quickly and flawlessly.

Our certified network architects and engineers are experts in both the functional and domain requirements necessary to build and support these secure, reliable, and resilient networks. We pair a solid foundation in traditional network architecture with new solutions in applied artificial intelligence (Ai) to perform comprehensive vulnerability analysis, using machine learning to deliver adaptive systems that learn how to fend off adversarial attacks with humans on or off the loop. Together, we can create future-proofed network solutions that accelerate and simplify the systems behind your mission success.



We design and develop tiered and peer-to-peer networks — including associated protocols — to allow different systems and devices to communicate quickly and securely.



Our integrated networking capability allows us to build complex, data-rich environments by inter-connecting distributed and disparate components into a seamless experience.


Whether scouring the market for the best equipment or designing new software to support your needs, we deploy, manage, and monitor the complete network environment.



Alion’s experts curate and translate leading open architecture technology into secure, integrated network environments that make adding, upgrading, and swapping components easy.



To make training more realistic and relevant, the Navy has been expanding programs that tie virtual resources to real-world systems. This includes Fleet Synthetic Training (FST), which integrates real and simulated data to better prepare sailors and warfare commanders for real-world threats.

As the Navy’s trusted partner, Alion designed, engineered, and built the Navy Enterprise Tactical Training Network (NETTN) to support the fleet’s certification and training objectives as defined by the U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFF). We have supported and managed this network for more than 18 years and continue to mature and operate it as the training network for the Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE), which Alion engineers also helped to build.

As the largest integrated training network in the DoD, NETTN and NCTE together provide a virtual range for distributed synthetic training and experimentation as well as a baseline for the Navy’s future LVC training environment. This secure, globally-distributed enterprise network spans 47 Commands at 147 locations, interconnecting with 23 training partner networks.


Katie Selbe, Senior Vice President
Katie Selbe is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Alion’s Cyber Network Solutions Group. Katie leads a portfolio of programs and capabilities delivering cross-domain network engineering, cyber hardening and operations; modeling and simulation; live, virtual and constructive training; and big data analysis, cloud architecture and integrated Ai. Katie has a wealth of industry knowledge in the cyber and intelligence arena and an outstanding track record of operational excellence, program growth and strategy.

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