Modular Power Solutions

Alion Commercial Integrated Power System

The Alion Commercial Integrated Power System (CIPS) is patented modular battery and uninterruptable power supply (UPS).  The IPS’s patented modular design combined with Alion’s proprietary approach to condensing operational footprints and reducing subcomponent operational and logistical costs makes CIPS the most versatile and cost-effective standalone battery / UPS in the commercial market. Designed and qualified for military use as part of the M220 Tube Launched, Optically Tracked, Wireless (TOW) Missile Launcher System, the system has been validated by the US Army as rugged and dependable.

The modular CIPS provides power to commercial and residential applications.  The modular CIPS is packaged in hardened transit cases scaled to the application and power requirement.  It is delivered and ready to deploy as needed to provide emergency power.


  • Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • 400 Watt-hours when full charged
  • >500 Full Charge / Discharge Cycles
  • Multiple power outputs
  • Re-charged using vehicle DC Power or AC/DC shore power (90 to 264 VAC, 43 to 400 Hz, and 12 – 36 Volt DC)
  • Provides user Status of Charge and Fault Conditions
  • Maintenance Free

Applications include:

Home at night with lights on

Home / Remote Facility UPS

A power outage can be a catastrophic event that could mean data and productivity loss when working from home.  Having a decent power backup solution will save you from these worries.  The IPS is the perfect uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to support remote facilities and private homes with reduced access to traditional power grids.    A good UPS should be able to switch from the power source to its battery and save your day. Not just that, in fact it should be able to provide a decent backup duration, and recharge itself quickly. The CIPS addresses these issues providing instant power switching, hours of power, and rapid recharging.

Taxis in traffic

Logistics and Transportation

UPS will play a greater role as our transportation network continues to grow and usage increases.  It will become more and more critical for traffic signals, particularly those at major, complex, and closely spaced intersections, to be able to operate without interruption during power outages and brown outs.  Our goal would be for drivers not to even notice that there is a power outage. The CIPS can be deployed as an affordable and easy-to-maintain UPS and power supply for traffic systems and other transportation systems.

Construction site


CIPS provides power at remote construction sites for equipment startup, recharging of vehicle batteries, and emergency back-up keeping projects on schedule. IPS’s three main capabilities – UPS, Power Supply, and Standalone Battery – are essential support components of remote construction projects, reducing the need for large gas-powered onsite generators.

Robots watering crops


Modern agriculture relies heavily on robotics and the latest advances in industrial technology. Farms working from antiquated and/or remote local power supplies require efficient and cost-effective UPS and Standalone power supply solutions to maintain productivity.


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