Mixed Reality

Alion provides integrated mixed reality solutions within live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) environments to deliver fully integrated, immersive training experiences.

Merging Realities for Maximum Results
The nature of how we interact with computers is changing. Current technology enables users or trainees to be immersed into virtual, augmented, and mixed reality environments that provide a level of interaction that was not previously possible.

Through our cutting-edge virtual technology solutions, we develop training that allows users to take advantage of their natural senses and innate reactions to make the training environment more realistic and, thereby, more effective in preparing for real-world mission situations.



Our designers work with you to develop environments for training that vividly and accurately reflect the real-world environments that users will encounter on the field of battle.


Our virtual reality training immerses users into the battlespace as if they were actually there, so they can use their senses to respond and analyze information more quickly and effectively.


By providing data on a wearable device that overlays the real-world environment, augmented reality let warfighters quickly fuse and respond to disparate sets of information.


Our mixed reality trainers bring together the real-world with computer-generated representations to allow users to seamlessly interact with both in a cohesive, interoperable environment.


Alion is a large company that has the agility and cohesion of a small company. To develop the Virtual Bridge trainer, we were able to leverage components from different groups across the company to develop a solution in less than two months. We brought in 3-D models of ship bridges and used our existing game engine framework to rapidly allow users to virtually walk around the bridge of a ship and interact with specific components in an LVC environment.

The result is a virtual reality training environment built from the specs of a real Navy vessel, which can interact with other trainers across platforms for a truly integrated training experience.


RAVE enables whole-world training using a commercial game engine as a baseline, providing live streaming, full-motion video, and imagery products for use during synthetic training. We overcame the traditional game engine limitations of small terrain play boxes, curved earth, and native simulation interoperability to develop this tool in support of integrated LVC training activities.

RAVE is currently used to support Navy training in exercises scaling more than 150,000 platforms and is deployed in integrated phase Navy Fleet Synthetic Training, COCOM exercises (Talisman Saber, Austere Challenge, Bold Alligator), and Fleet Battle Experiments.


Glenn Goodman,Senior Vice President and General Manager,
Live, Virtual, and Constructive Solutions Group (LSG)

Glenn Goodman is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Alion’s integrated Live, Virtual, and Constructive Solutions Group (LSG). Glenn is responsible for the strategic growth and expansion of Alion’s integrated live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) training solutions to an extended customer set within DoD. Demand for Alion’s LVC Solutions has grown considerably, and Glenn’s leadership and strategic focus ensures the continued success of these programs.

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