Labs and Facilities

Alion owns and/or operates approximately 196,000 square feet of laboratory facilities and technical centers.

Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories™

Geneva, IL

Alion’s Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories™ (RAL) provides independent, accurate testing of building materials and consumer products.

With a staff of experts and advanced equipment, including six reverberation chambers, Alion can provide accurate, independent testing and analysis for all established standards and guidelines.

Environmental Testing and Development

EPA Regional Laboratories

Athens, GA; Kansas City, KS; Houston, TX

Alion’s EPA laboratories provide technical, analytical, data review and quality assurance/quality control support to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund Program, other EPA programs, Federal and state agencies, and tribal organizations to facilitate identification, assessment, regulation and remediation of environmental hazards which may pose a threat to human health or the environment.

Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Effects

EMI/EMC Test Laboratory

Annapolis Junction, MD

Alion’s EMI/EMC Test laboratory provides electromagnetic interference (EMI)/electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) consulting and testing services to both government and commercial customers. Our engineers and technicians are NARTE certified.

Information Technology

CounterMeasures® Risk System Support Center

Alexandria, VA

A combination of virtual along with brick and mortar infrastructure, Alion’s CounterMeasures® Center supports our 5,000 users in the deployment of Alion’s exclusive CounterMeasures® Risk Assessment solutions for cyber and physical security applications. The center provides helpdesk support via classified and unclassified communications; training support via multi-media classroom and virtual training environments; and analysis support capabilities to assist onsite risk assessments. The center is co-located with the CounterMeasures® product development team, ensuring that the support center personnel have full access to the engineers in order to resolve customer issues and inject users’ suggestions into the product evolution work stream.

Enlighten Laboratory

Linthicum, MD

The Enlighten Laboratory embraces continuous integration and continuous delivery and applies DevSecOps to rapidly deploy operational capabilities at mission speed to solve real-world problems. These problems range from solving Big Data storage and processing needs with the Big Data Platform (BDP), to building interactive cyber awareness and risk management dashboards, and providing custom analytics for hunting the most elusive Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Enlighten engineering teams leverage both on premise and cloud-based DevSecOps as enablers for rapid innovation and delivery to help our customers accomplish their missions.

Cyber Laboratory

San Antonio, TX

Alion’s Cyber Laboratory has a hardware and software environment used to build wireless exploits that consist of two development and collaboration networks and a private mobile network that allow for:

  • Rapid prototyping and tailored engineering
  • Development across multiple wireless/mobile platforms and versions
  • IoT engineering solutions
  • Full-stack solutions

The internet connected research network (INT) hosts and manages prototype code and VMs for development. The DEV network is a completely isolated network allowing simultaneous and collaborative development efforts. The local mobile network provides a 4G LTE net for high-speed data connections and at least two 3G BTSs to support roaming and other relevant network conditions. The mobile network supports speeds of two messages per second (2 MPS), 120 messages per minute (120 MPM), and 250 concurrent sessions. The lab is equipped with a Faraday cage for development and testing inside an RF shielded enclosure.

Cyber Development & Integration Lab

Rome, NY

Alion’s Cyber Development & Integration LabA comprehensive facility supporting cyber security assessments, cyber operations, malware analysis, mobile systems security, vulnerability management and threat modeling, reverse engineering, Counter UAS detection and defeat and security training.

Software Center of Excellence Laboratory

Annapolis Junction, MD

Alion’s Software Center of Excellence is set up for state of the art software development and test. Its open and secure labs, in conjunction with the server racks and powerful computers with dual NIC card capability, allow the developers to work across multiple domains to provide successful design and integration of software intensive programs.

Materials and Manufacturing

Advanced Materials and Coatings Laboratory (AMCL)

Chicago, IL

Alion’s Advanced Materials and Coatings Laboratory (AMCL) specializes in the preparation and application of coatings for spacecraft and satellites. Our engineers pioneered the development of unique materials for the protection of aerospace structures and components from Space Environmental Effects (SEE). Alion has produced materials for the Gemini and Apollo Missions, the International Space Station (ISS), NASA and DoD.

Alion Rapid Engineering Solutions Center

Grantsburg, WI

Alion’s Rapid Engineering Solutions Center develops improved replacement parts, repair parts for life extension and advanced mechanical, and electronic prototypes, Alion’s Rapid Engineering Solutions Center keeps warfighters equipped and ready for any contingency that requires precision engineering as well as a real-world understanding of how each component supports critical programs. Capabilities include:

  • Engineering, re-engineering and design
  • Scientific materials analysis
  • Precision manufacturing capabilities
  • Rapid prototyping

Alion System Reliability Center (SRC)

Rome, NY

The Alion System Reliability Center (SRC) provides information, data, analysis, training and technical assistance in the engineering disciplines of Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability and Quality (RMSQ). SRC delivers total, turn-key solutions including training, consulting services, publications and tools.

Fabrication and Integration Laboratory

Odon, IN

Alion’s Fabrication and Integration Laboratory is a multi-purpose, secure facility for metal and electronic fabrication, assembly and integration.

Sensor and Embedded Design Center

Syracuse, NY

Alion’s Syracuse Sensor and Embedded Design Center is our Electronic Warfare (EW) and RADAR Center of Excellence. This center focuses on rapid design and development of novel low SWaP Radar and EW systems through advanced implementations of field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and system on a chip (SoC) technology. Our Syracuse site provides design, development, integration and test capability of EW, RADAR, and hardware systems. Alion operates open and closed labs in this facility. There are multiple pieces of high frequency test equipment that support analog, digital, and radio frequency development and test in Syracuse as well as multiple instances of MATLAB, Simulink, FPGA design tools, PCB layout, mechanical and RF modeling software. In 2019, Alion installed a 26 MHz – 40 GHz Anechoic Chamber for antenna pattern measurements and controlled RF system testing.

Modeling & Simulation/Training

Modeling and Simulation Technology Demonstration Laboratory

Orlando, FL

Alion’s Modeling & Simulation Laboratories provide advanced virtual/constructive integration, testing and demonstration. Multiple projects are supported by this lab including:

Virtual Maintenance Performance Aid (VMPA) Family of Systems – Originally developed for the Office of Naval Research and NAVAIR to provide a high fidelity virtual environment to train Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Readiness Control Officers (RCO), the game-based suite of training systems currently supports Operator and Maintenance training for various U.S. Navy ship platforms including: all flights of DDG (Flight I/II, IIA, Modernization, Hybrid Electric Drive (HED), LHD-1 Class, LHD-8 Class and both LCS hull variants (LCS-1 and LCS-2).

Mission System Operational Readiness Trainer (MS-ORT) – The MS-ORT trainer provides initial mission training for prospective Mission System Operator (MSO) candidates for the HC-130J Minotaur Mission System. In addition to HC-130J, the reconfigurable training system is designed to support HC-144B and HC-27J mission system training.

Navigation Training Systems Laboratory (NTSL)

Norfolk, VA

In partnership with NAWCTSD, this 6,000 square foot NTSL serves as a centralized point for surface ship navigation training system related trainer configuration management, system software and visual model development, testing, and school house deployment.

Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE) Research and Development (R&D) Lab

Norfolk, VA

In support of NSWC Corona, Alion maintains highly advanced, distributed R&D collaborative lab spaces for training and experimentation, software development, virtualization/cloud development environment, network prototyping, integration test bed, visualization systems development. The technologies are part of the Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE). NCTE is a global network integrating hundreds of systems and thousands of nodes for real-time, 24/7 training and experimentation. Alion engineers ensure continuous operations of this critical system that demands the highest levels of security and reliability.

Examples of labs within the R&D facility include:

Integrated Systems Development (ISD) Lab: A Navy Enterprise Tactical Training Network (NETTN)-connected lab accommodating the development and deployment of NTB-integrated interim training solutions for the fleet. Also containing a 3D printer, the lab provides an ideal workspace to integrate virtual and constructive training systems into live training combat systems.

Real-Time Automated Visualization Environment (RAVE) Lab: A NETTN-connected 10-seat lab designed to facilitate the development and sustainment of Alion’s Real Time Automated Visualization Environment (RAVE). The lab incorporates commercial game engines, the NTB, and C4ISR data to create a real-world training environment.

Cybersecurity Systems Administration Lab: A workspace designed to constantly monitor, sustain, and upgrade security protocols on the NETTN. Capable of accommodating approximately 15 cyber defense engineers, the lab integrates sophisticated hardware and software to maintain the continuity and security of the NCTE.

Eltham Avenue Mini-Labs: Unclassified software development spaces designed for research and development products such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual environments.

Network Operations Center (NOC): A state-of-the-art NETTN network operations center (NOC) providing seating for up to 12 network engineers. The space provides 24/7 network monitoring capabilities for up to 8 NETTN enclaves ranging from unclassified to classified to coalition training networks.

Operations Floor: A cutting-edge advanced modeling and simulation center able to accommodate over 75 exercise participants, role players, and support staff. Featuring JSAF workstations at every seat, the ops floor provides stadium seating, wall-to-wall video screens for displaying a common operating picture and 3 large conference rooms able to be broken into 3 breakout meeting rooms.


Wright Innovation Laboratory (WIL)

Dayton, OH

Alion’s Wright Innovation Lab (WIL) in Dayton OH is within close proximity to Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB). The WIL has over 4,100 square feet of cost-effective and responsive Research & Development, Modeling & Simulation, Prototyping, and Test & Evaluation support specializing in Electronic & Information Warfare, Sensors, Microelectronics Assurance & Trust and Data Analyses. Integrating the capabilities of four laboratories, the WIL includes both classified and unclassified space along with classified networking capability.

Facility features include:

  • Prototyping Lab (PL) with 3D printing cabaility
  • Analysis Processing Lab (APL)
  • Classified Computer Network Lab (CCNL)
  • Chamber Lab (CL)

Microelectronics Assurance and Trust (MAT) Laboratory

Roanoke, VA

Alion’s Microelectronics Assurance and Trust (MAT) Laboratory houses a multi-disciplined team creating revolutionary Trusted & Assured Microelectronics (T&AM) solutions, including state-of-the-art (SoA) verification and validation (V&V) beyond functional analysis of third-party intellectual property (3PIP) within Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), embedded FPGA (eFPGA), and Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) domains. Alion investigates, evaluates, and establishes methodologies to procure and analyze 3PIP, design for trust, fabricate ASICs, perform post-fabrication analyses, and apply SoA technologies for accelerated simulation and emulation.

Sensor Technologies

Sensor Development & Integration Laboratory

Rome, NY

Alion’s Sensor Development & Integration Laboratory is our communications and cyber Center of Excellence and is the second location part of Alion’s Embedded Systems Center’s This location focuses on Swap reduction in communications and cyber systems through use of embedded systems. There are multiple pieces of high frequency test equipment that support analog, digital, and radio frequency development for communications as well as cyber equipment that supports development of cyber resilient systems. This Laboratory also has multiple instances of MATLAB, MATLAB toolboxes, Simulink, FPGA design tools, and 3D modeling software for both mechanical and signal systems.

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