Glenn Goodman

Glenn Goodman

Alion Leadership

Senior Vice President and General Manager
Live, Virtual, and Constructive Solutions Group (LSG)

Glenn Goodman is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Alion’s integrated Live, Virtual, and Constructive Solutions Group (LSG). Glenn is responsible for the strategic growth and expansion of Alion’s integrated live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) training solutions to an extended customer set within DoD. Demand for Alion’s LVC Solutions has grown considerably, and Glenn’s leadership and strategic focus ensures the continued success of these programs.

Glenn joined Alion in 2002. Previously, he served as Vice President of Operations overseeing Alion’s Advanced Modeling and Simulations Operation (AMSTO) for the Cyber Network Solutions Group. Glenn was instrumental in the FY20 award of the $896M Naval Integrated Training Environment (NITE) contract. He continues to oversee the successful program execution of Alion’s long-running Navy training programs such as the Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE) and Integrated Modeling and Simulation solutions. He is also responsible for Alion’s operational support of synthetic and LVC events to ensure timely, effective delivery of enhanced LVC training capabilities for all-domain operations.

Glenn has more than 30 years of direct involvement in analysis and program management for DoD organizations including the Navy Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Corona, Navy Warfare and Development Center (NWDC), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Office of Naval Research (ONR) and Joint Forces Command (JFCOM). Glenn also has more than 30 years of applied analysis and project management skills in support of other Defense contracts at Alion, Northrop Grumman/TRW/BDM, and Martin Marietta Aerospace.

Glenn holds an MBA from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and a bachelor’s degree in accounting and economics from Ohio Wesleyan University.