WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 1, 2021) – Alion Science and Technology announces that Glenn Goodman has been appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager of Alion’s newly created LVC Solutions Group (LSG). Glenn is responsible for the strategic growth and expansion of Alion’s integrated live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) solutions to an extended customer set within DoD.

“Demand is great to provide sophisticated integrated LVC solutions for all U.S. Armed Services and our Allies to ensure combat readiness and anticipate new threats for today’s and tomorrow’s missions,” said Glenn Goodman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Alion’s LVC Solutions Group. “Recent advancements in LVC technology are significantly increasing efficiencies and proficiencies in training today’s Armed Forces. Alion continues to invest in and advance its LVC solutions to ensure warfighters train like they fight.”

“I would like to congratulate Glenn Goodman on his promotion to Senior Vice President and General Manager of our new LVC Solutions Group. The combination and elevation of our LVC solutions will allow Alion to continue its rapid growth pace and stay ‘Many Moves Ahead’ in providing the best advanced engineering and technology solutions to warfighters,” said Steve Schorer, Alion Chairman and CEO. “With the creation of the LVC Solutions Group, our Cyber and Electronic Warfare (C&EW) Group, and our Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Group, we have strategically aligned Alion’s capabilities to market priorities.”

Glenn joined Alion in 2002. Previously, he served as Vice President of Operations overseeing Alion’s Advanced Modeling and Simulations Operation (AMSTO) for the Cyber Network Solutions Group. Glenn was instrumental in Alion’s FY20 award of the $896M Naval Integrated Training Environment (NITE) contract. He continues to oversee the successful program execution of Alion’s long-running Navy training programs such as the Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE) and Integrated Modeling and Simulation solutions. He is also responsible for Alion’s operational support of synthetic and LVC events to ensure timely, effective delivery of enhanced LVC training capabilities for all-domain operations.


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