As a trusted partner on the Navy’s enterprise tactical training solution, we design, develop, and operate systems that help you train like you fight, because we understand that preparation requires full coordination—not readiness in piece parts.

Big Ideas. Real Solutions.

Your world — your challenges, your goals, your mission — is constantly evolving. At Alion, we combine artificial intelligence with deep technical expertise and real-world operator experience to deliver proven solutions that give America’s warfighters an edge, no matter how the battle landscape changes.

Artificial Intelligence

Alion scientists are conceiving novel applications of Ai across our core capabilities and beyond— infusing legacy platforms with intelligence, while designing new systems around Ai from the ground up. Using Ai tools and techniques, our teams help clients develop more effectively, build more robustly, manage more precisely, make decisions more quickly, and sustain more efficiently.

Cyber Solutions

Our enterprise information systems help maintain reliable, secure, and useful computing environments with the software and support needed to run a smooth military operation.
Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare

With more than 200 spectrum engineers and policy experts and with over 65 years of experience in the field — Alion is a leader in spectrum management and electromagnetic engineering.

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)

From towers to processors, we design, develop, integrate, and manage the sensors, systems, and other assets necessary to support integrated ISR operations, exploitation, and analysis across all branches of the U.S. military.

Live, Virtual, Constructive Solutions

We support military readiness through integrated live, virtual, computer-to-computer, gaming, and other training elements to help decision makers and service members avoid and respond to uncertainty in the field.
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Weapons Platforms for Air, Ground, and Sea

Our experienced technologists and engineers design, build, and maintain both manned and unmanned platforms for deployment in the air, on the ground, on the sea.

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