“Cyber 9-Line” improves cybersecurity and enables election integrity

When Dorchester County reported a ransomware attack on a majority of its servers this past January, Maryland turned to a program recently established by U.S. Cyber Command and the National Guard.

Less than 48 hours after the late-January 2020 attack, the Maryland Air National Guard was onsite at the county offices along with their state partners, ready to assist.

The “Cyber 9-Line” is a template of questions that participating National Guard units use to quickly communicate a cyber incident to USCYBERCOM. The data provided enables USCYBERCOM’s Cyber National Mission Force to further diagnose a foreign attack and provide timely, unclassified feedback back to the unit, who shares with state and county governments to address the cyber incident. This process is a key aspect of how USCYBERCOM helps strengthen America’s cybersecurity, and enable election integrity.


Cyber Command creates new malware sharing portal with National Guard

A new portal created by U.S. Cyber Command and the National Guard provides a two-way interface for sharing malware and gain better insights into cyber threats facing the nation, according to a June 9 release from the command.

This portal, called Cyber 9-Line, allows participating Guard units from their perspective states to quickly share incidents with Cyber Command. Cyber Command’s elite Cyber National Mission Force, which conducts operations aimed at disrupting specific nation state actors, is then able to provide analysis on the malware and offer feedback to the states to help redress the incident.