Engineering and Quick Reaction Capability

Every project or program runs into unforeseen issues, where highly-specialized engineering talent and a timely response are required to meet customer requirements and preserve program schedules. Rapidly locating and tapping into needed talent can be a critical factor on the path to program success.

Proven Expertise for Developing Advanced Engineering Solutions
Alion’s rapid design and engineering process incorporates tools and procedures with skilled engineers possessing rich practical domain expertise in defense systems. Alion’s Agile Engineering process applies user-centered, problem-focused engineering conducted in short sprints, with an emphasis on collaboration, iteration, speed, and prototyping while applying state-of-the-art tools at every step.  From CAD modeling to ANSYS Modeling and Simulation to 3D printing/prototyping and internal test capabilities, we embrace the the “Test – Fix – Test” approach and fail forward mentality.  This approach balances risk and innovation fostering the rapid introduction of leading-edge capabilities into the hands of the warfighter and onto to the battlefield today.

Alion offers a pool of retired senior engineers and scientists (GS-14 and -15 level) who are available for short-term assignments to address issues critical to program success.  These talented individuals have “been there and done that” in terms of working high-priority engineering issues, and their experience and insights provide a unique resource for System Program Offices to tap in meeting urgent requirements.



We can assemble tailored teams of senior engineers to address critical issues on short notice.  This includes highly-specialized engineering talent in niche areas such as weight and balance, electromagnetic effects and interference (EME/EMI), LO/VLO sensors and antennas, information assurance, etc.    Our deep bench of subject matter experts (SMEs) provide maximum flexibility to assemble urgent response teams capable of deployment for our customers in a matter of days.


When our talented engineers team up with our integrated laboratories, we can provide hardware and software solutions on an accelerated schedule to meet urgent customer requirements. Our integrated tools and equipment combined with our deep subject matter knowledge base enables rapid prototyping, 3D modeling and simulation capabilities to demonstrate solutions for our customers in weeks rather than months.


Our senior engineers have worked government programs for many years, and are available to pass on their wisdom and lessons learned to the next generation of government engineers and program managers.  This is particularly important where years of budget shortfalls and hiring freezes have created a shortage of middle managers who can train and mentor their successors as they move up.  We can provide “shadows” to work with government engineers as they work through complex acquisition and engineering issues.


Jim Moratis

James Moratis, Operations Manager

Based in National Capital Region, Jim Moratis is the operations leader for Alion’s Weapon and Space Systems Operation (WSSO). The WSSO team provides agile, tailored, and innovative engineering services and product solutions to modernize weapon and space systems and supply chains. We conduct Land Force Modernization design and systems integration for Army Futures Command, space system and missile defense engineering and program support for NASA and MDA, and acquisition and sustainment engineering for the USAF, including work on E-8 JTARS, C-5, F15, and KC-135, and B-52

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