Efforts to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) in the military arena are moving forward as manufacturers develop innovative technologies to find actionable needles in the crowded electromagnetic intelligence haystack. Cognitive capabilities, artificial intelligence (AI), and similarly cutting-edge developments have opened a new chapter in electronic warfare (EW), and so too has the need to keep pace with adversarial advancements.

Quicker response and heightened accuracy have a huge effect on the proliferation of electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) systems and cognitive radar and electronic radar (EW) capabilities, as all of these aim to reduce workload while fostering an environment of trust and the ability to rely on the information being fed into the system. With speed steering the direction of many EMS technology trends, the software and hardware is all being designed with the intent to significantly reduce what the military and the industry calls the “sensor-to-shooter” timeline and has begun to pull from commercial inspiration.