CYBER Solutions

Our enterprise information systems help maintain reliable, secure, and useful computing environments with the software and support needed to run a smooth military operation.


Cyber Hardening and Reverse Engineering

Our control systems cyber hardening solutions help clients defend their sensitive networks, systems, and sensors against cyber attack.

Data Analytics

We are proud to provide a variety of data collection and analysis tools as well as custom technologies to help visualize and optimize the use of data.

Obsolescence Management

Our engineers help DoD clients tackle obsolescence by reimagining solutions to meet current demands and turning those ideas into reality.

Research, Development, Test and Evaluation

RDT&E comprises the overarching set of activities that result in providing the warfighter with new systems, subsystems, and capabilities.

Integrated Laboratories

Alion’s Integrated Laboratories and highly skilled technical staff offer our customers the needed capacity to augment oversubscribed DOD facilities and provides unique capabilities often uncommon to specific government labs.

Logistics and Life Cycle Management

Alion’s teams of experts ensure the new warfighter capabilities resulting from successful RDT&E are sustainable and maintainable throughout the lifecyle.

Engineering and Quick Reaction Capability

Every project or program runs into unforeseen issues, where highly-specialized engineering talent and a timely response are required to meet customer requirements and preserve program schedules.  Rapidly locating and tapping into needed talent can be a critical factor on the path to program success.

Network Solutions

We deliver central management, lower lifecycle cost, and faster deployment with scalable and virtualized multi-enclave networks.

Cyber Solutions

We deliver solutions with resilient cyber security foundations at their core, using applied Ai to help detect and fend off attacks.

Software Engineering

Following Agile and CMMI Level 3 processes in all designs, our software development team delivers functional prototypes on schedule and under budget.

Risk Management

Our software and analysis experts create products to provide complete oversight of enterprise and human risk through a clear, unique process.

Data Management

We deliver mission critical solutions to manage big data challenges.

Cloud Engineering and Solutions

As an approved Amazon™ Web Services (AWS) Cloud provider for the intelligence community (IC), we help clients securely capture, organize, store, and manage their sensitive data.


Terri Walker-Spoonhour, Senior Vice President, Operations and Acting SVP and General Manager, Cyber Network Solutions
Terri Walker-Spoonhour is Acting SVP and General Manager of Alion’s Cyber Network Solutions Group. She leads a portfolio of programs and capabilities delivering cross-domain network engineering, cyber hardening and operations; modeling and simulation; live, virtual and constructive training; and big data analysis, cloud architecture and integrated Ai.

Terri is also the Senior Vice President of Operations for Alion Science and Technology. In this role, she is responsible for the overall health of Alion’s business portfolio to include program performance, business planning and strategy, program management training and development, performance measurement, and resource management.

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