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How should you best protect YOUR enterprise from insider threat, the outside threat, accidents, & natural disasters?

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About CounterMeasures

CounterMeasures is a proven risk analysis solution that has been applied to address a wide range of risk disciplines including physical security, operations security, critical infrastructure, information security, port security, anti-terrorism force protection, and school security.

CounterMeasures is a scalable web-based program that is usually delivered as a pay-as-you-go web-service. (Although we do offer client-hosted solutions when they are specially requested). With CounterMeasures risk assessment services, you also get access to world class service and support to help extend your success in risk management.



Dominos fail to fallRisk is the potential for damage or loss of an asset. For any organization, risk is the “so what?” for why any potential undesirable event should be addressed, or the way to determine an event is not truly a concern for the organization.


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Alion offers CounterMeasures solution tools for various security areas. If none of our off-the-shelf solutions meet your requirements, CounterMeasures will build or customize a tool to fit your needs.


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InspectoinWhen you choose Alion’s CounterMeasures Risk Analysis Products and Services, you have chosen a partner who will strengthen your team with superior service as well as superior software solutions. Based upon your needs and close collaboration the CounterMeasures Team stands ready to provide all of the following to ensure your team’s success.


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