Risk Assessment Services

When you choose Alion’s CounterMeasures Risk Analysis Products and Services, you have chosen a partner who will strengthen your team with superior service as well as superior software solutions. Based upon your needs and close collaboration the CounterMeasures Team stands ready to provide all of the following to ensure your team’s success:

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CounterMeasures Custom Tools IconThe Alion’s CounterMeasures team has a long history of tailoring our software to meet specific customer requirements. Alion works with your team to customize:

  • Executive Dashboards
  • Advanced User Administration Capabilities
  • Company-specific branding
  • Company-specific Risk Analysis views
  • Customized: Organization profiles, Critical Asset valuation, Threat characterization, and Security Standards
  • Custom report engineering
  • Dedicated telephone helpdesk support
  • And more!

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InspectoinThe CounterMeasures Risk Analysis Products and Services team is comprised of Risk professionals from varied disciplines with extensive assessment experience. Our team members have conducted thousands of assessments at commercial and government facilities worldwide in such industries as Transportation, Supply Chain Logistics, Petroleum, Chemical, Military, Maritime, and others.

The CounterMeasures Team stands ready to assist you from the beginning of your Risk Assessment process to the end. We can provide the software application, help you build a customized dataset, provide training to your Assessors and Analysts, help conduct the Vulnerability and Risk Assessments on site, and provide Analytical support afterward. This beginning to end support will ensure that you have the best, most comprehensive Risk Assessment product and can confidently make decisions on the best path to reduce your risk.

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ProjectorThe CounterMeasures Team will train your staff to effectively implement a Risk Assessment and analysis program. Our state of the art training facilities will accommodate anywhere from 10 to 200 attendees.

We can also come to your location to deliver timely, focused risk assessment training tailored to your needs.

We develop public service announcements, computer based training, and training videos which are engaging, current, and focused.

CounterMeasures is your resource for training in Industrial Security, OPSEC, Physical Security, Supply Chain Security, IT Security, and more. See how we can help you develop the best trained security team in the industry.

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Schedule a PFPA Training Course today and learn to use the EPRM tool to conduct assessments. Includes discussion of the ISC dataset.


Customer SupportWe provide your staff the helpdesk assistance they need to make the most effective use of CounterMeasures software.

Email helpdesk is available to all users.

The telephone helpdesk is manned 8am – 5pm U.S. East Coast time, Monday – Friday, except for Federal holidays.

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MeetingOur team of experienced Risk Managers will provide your organization the expertise needed to identify risk, create risk mitigation plans, and evaluate effectiveness. We provide your staff the troubleshooting assistance they need to make the most effective use of CounterMeasures software. Alion works with its client to establish baseline metrics and relationships in order to achieve both a repeatable and defensible analysis.

Examples of these metrics include quantification of the relationship between threats, assets, vulnerabilities, and business processes.

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Now that you’ve learned a bit about risk and its elements, reach out to an Alion CounterMeasures risk expert, to see how we can help achieve your compliance and risk reduction goals.

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