Former Director, Center for Technology and National Security Policy at National Defense University to Join Engineering and Technology Solutions Firm

McLean, VA: September 30, 2016 – Alion Science and Technology, an engineering, technology and operational solutions company, today announced that Christopher Zember will join the company as Chief Technology Officer, responsible for the company’s technology roadmap for future development.

“Christopher is well known for his vision and leadership throughout the DoD community,” said Bahman Atefi, Chief Executive Officer of Alion. “His background with the DoD gives him a unique perspective on the technology needs of the military services. We’re pleased that our customers will be able to benefit from his insights and experience.”

Formerly, Mr. Zember was Director of the Center for Technology and National Security Policy, a DoD think tank that draws on expertise from the military, academia and industry to address pressing problems of national security. Prior, he was Director of the DoD’s Information Analysis Centers, organizations that provide technical research and analysis to organizations throughout both the DoD and civilian government. While there, he launched the Technology Domain Awareness (TDA) initiative, which expands awareness and application of commercial technology investments to enable “better, faster, cheaper” Defense capability development. Mr. Zember previously held positions with Acuity Consulting and the National Security Agency.

“Alion is positioned to respond to the DoD’s need for technology solutions that are developed and fielded quickly and more cost-effectively,” Mr. Zember explained. “I have long been aware of Alion’s combination of engineering and technical skill and deep understanding of the customers’ challenges. All this means Alion is well-suited to helping the DoD meet both emerging threats and evolving opportunities, and I am very excited to be helping them achieve those goals.”

Mr. Zember holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from American University. He is frequently asked to speak on topics including national security, technology, innovation, and defense acquisition.