By Marjorie Censer

Alion’s live, virtual and constructive training business, which became one of three Alion groups during a recent reorganization, now has about 900 employees, according to the group’s chief.

Glenn Goodman, who heads the LVC unit, told Inside Defense last week the unit had about 300 full-time employees three years ago. It now has about 900 and about 700 subcontractors.

“The backbone of our core capability is modeling and simulation engineering,” he said. “But we’ve really added this what I would call live virtual constructive network and IT engineering operations together.”

Goodman said the company’s largest customer is the Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona. Among its other customers are the Joint Staff, the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Naval Warfare Development College.

Goodman said the Navy has taken an enterprise network technology approach to training, and the Air Force “is headed in that direction . . . centralizing their approach to training.”

“I see a large growth opportunity for LVC in all the services,” he added.