Aug. 23, 2018 – Alion Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alion Science and Technology headquartered in McLean, Va., is pleased to announce that they are committed to funding to Let’s Talk Science/Parlons sciences in support of Raising STEM Career Awareness for Canadian Youth. Alion Canada’s one-year funding support will contribute to inspiring and motivating young Canadians with STEM learning opportunities to explore and create, so that they can join the high-tech workforce of the future.

Alion Canada is proud of its naval engineering roots. The company is characterized by a rich heritage of innovation and exploration, guided by the motto of “big ideas, real solutions.” “We’re a firm of engineers and scientists that deliver world-class, simple elegant solutions to our customers,” says Chief Operating Officer Bruce Samuelsen. “By reaching out to younger students through investments and sponsorships in STEM programs, we hope to kindle that passion in young people for engineering and for future jobs which give them great satisfaction and pride in what they achieve. We are creating an environment that allows Canadians to really take advantage of their skills and training and apply them to our projects for Canada and our international customers.”

“Timely career information and guidance are crucial in helping youth set appropriate goals and make successful plans,” says Dr. Bonnie Schmidt, President at Let’s Talk Science. “When youth are equipped with knowledge about career options, they can be better prepared for the next stages of their life. Funders like Alion Canada recognize how important it is to provide youth and educators with the resources and strategies necessary to keep all their options open, and we are thrilled to be entering a partnership with them.”

About Alion Science and Technology, and Alion Canada

At Alion, we combine large company resources with small business responsiveness to design and deliver engineering solutions across six core capability areas. With an 80-year technical heritage and an employee-base comprised of more than 30% veterans, we bridge invention and action to support military readiness from the lab to the battle space. Our engineers, technologists, and program managers bring together an agile engineering methodology and the best tools on the market to deliver mission success faster and at lower costs. Based just outside of Washington, D.C., we help our clients achieve practical innovations by turning big ideas into real solutions. To learn more, visit /

About Let’s Talk Science:

Let’s Talk Science is a national charitable organization committed to inspiring and empowering Canadian youth to develop the skills they need to participate and thrive in an ever-changing world. To accomplish this, Let’s Talk Science offers a comprehensive suite of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) based programs to support youth, educators and volunteers across Canada. For more information about Let’s Talk Science, visit

Let’s Talk Science’s Career Mandate:

Research conducted by Let’s Talk Science has indicated that well before they graduate from high school, young people are inadvertently closing the doors on many careers. Let’s Talk Science’s career mandate advocates the importance of STEM courses in providing the greatest flexibility for career planning and preparation, regardless of the planned career path or post-secondary program, alongside the development of resources and strategies that ensure this information is available to youth and educators at all grade levels.


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