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Alion is harnessing the power of America’s technical universities through the Alion APEX program.

The Alion APEX Program and You

Alion has partnered with leading universities to engage with students who are serious in their desire to engineer AI solutions. With state of the art facilities near campus, Alion is committed to bring the best of the best to join our elite APEX team. As a member of APEX, you will work on-site, on real projects for customers. We are located near campus, a short distance from your classes making it convenient for you to focus on your studies and build your career at the same time.

Join Our Team

Our engineers and scientists are conceiving novel applications of AI — infusing legacy platforms with intelligence, while designing new systems around AI from the ground up. Alion is helping our mission partners, in every area of defense and government win at the speed of computation. Alion is harnessing the power of AI for its clients by developing new data flows, data architectures, and optimal deployment of computation closer to the edge. We are discovering new factors in outcomes and mining signals at unprecedented scale. The gains are exciting.

Sam Bannan, University of Maryland Senior Turns Part-time Internship into Full-time Career at Alion Science and Technology

Alion was the only company that I spoke to that was focused exclusively on artificial intelligence. AI is my favorite part of computer science and the area that I want to work in, so I was excited to find a company that was centered around it.

Sam Bannan

Sam Bannan

Bannan will begin a full-time position as associate algorithm development engineer upon graduation. Read more.

Apply Your Skills to Real Defense and Intelligence Priorities

At Alion, we apply AI to help the Department of Defense and other government agencies augment human performance and realize massive efficiencies in developing and operating current and future systems to create solutions that revolutionize America’s national security systems. By pairing data insights and systems expertise with machine and deep learning capabilities, our AI solutions enable secure and decisive operations for outcomes that matter.

Put all these components together and we can make disruptive gains using modern AI quicklyIf you get excited about AI solutions and analyzing and solving real problems, we want to hear from you.

Challenge Yourself

Alion’s hosted AI Rodeo enables engineers to unleash their abilities to apply to new technologies to solve AI challenges. Compete against engineers from across the organization, showcase your discovery, and present your discovery at Alion’s AI Team Days Event!

 Ready, Set, Develop!

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