In a perfect world, every deployed system works exactly as expected, every time. But systems in the field are subject to conditions that often can’t be replicated until they are in use 24/7, in every part of the world. Parts may fail prematurely, due to unexpected stresses. Or key pieces may not work as hoped, leading to extra effort by users, greater maintenance needs, or workarounds that lead to degraded performance. Add to those issues that systems — from sights and scopes to vehicles, vessels, and aircraft — are being kept in service much longer than expected, and you may be faced with over-stressed or even obsolete parts that are critical to your mission.

With agile engineering and rapid prototyping, these issues can be addressed real-time, cutting costs for re-development and saving time in the process. Translated from software development best practices, agile engineering is an iterative, incremental method of managing design and build activities to provide a new solution in a highly flexible and interactive manner. Marked by adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, it allows you to rapidly and flexibly respond to change.

At Alion, we apply our distinct agile engineering methodology across all capabilities and projects to meet issues head-on, giving you the speed and flexibility to keep critical systems online and in service. We’ll re-engineer and improve the parts and pieces that don’t do what’s needed. Using modern materials and techniques, we’ll recreate parts to keep older systems operating at peak efficiency. We’ll even design parts, modules, and complete systems that never existed, quickly and cost effectively.

Our engineers draw on experiences from across multiple disciplines— systems, mechanical and materials engineering, as well as manufacturing techniques and technologies. We’re committed to your missions, goals, and priorities, with insight to the challenges and opportunities facing you… all of which means you can focus on your mission, not the systems that help you succeed.