Artificial Intelligence

Alion is applying artificial intelligence (Ai) to help the DoD and other government agencies augment human performance and realize massive efficiencies in developing and operating current and future systems.


At Alion, we are helping America define and create the next generation of smart defense and intelligence systems. Combining the power of cloud computing and edge devices with commercial and open source software, we have integrated Ai into every corner of our business.

No stranger to technological revolutions, our scientists are conceiving novel applications of Ai across our core capabilities and beyond— infusing legacy platforms with intelligence, while designing new systems around Ai from the ground up. Using Ai tools and techniques, our teams help clients develop more effectively, build more robustly, manage more precisely, make decisions more quickly, and sustain more efficiently. We envision seamless human-Ai teams as the standard in future operations, and we are helping build the foundations to make that possible.



We develop, test, and integrate leading-edge machine learning algorithms to optimize and accelerate the nation’s mission-critical systems and platforms.


We train deep neural networks to model complex systems, make predictions, and augment decisions— all with exceptional speed, security, and accuracy.



We design persistent, autonomous platform solutions that can navigate and operate while intelligently compensating for changes in conditions.


We combine reinforcement learning with tailored interfaces to accelerate course of action (CoA) development across platforms to drive advantage.



Modern sensors capture data in such high volumes that even the most advanced traditional processing techniques are overwhelmed. We are augmenting ISR sensing and control systems with machine and deep learning to help national security clients collect and synthesize data faster and more accurately, so they can make more informed command and control decisions.


Accurate models and predictions need data to perform well— and the more, the better. We are leaders in multi-level secure cloud computing architecture development, helping the intelligence community and others store, access, and learn from data to enhance simulation fidelity, train Ai models, and create other critical information products.


Training at scale has traditionally been expensive and has involved heavy manual tuning. We are enhancing live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) training and simulation with machine learning to test and calibrate remote system elements, while using deep learning to automate content creation. The result is the development of training and rehearsal products that deliver unprecedented speed and quality.


Naval assets are a major investment for the DoD, and high readiness maximizes that investment. We are applying machine learning to predictive modeling and design to ensure operational readiness through fast, intelligent updating and maintenance. We are also designing autonomous vessel prototypes to advance the state of the art in efficient force projection.


Todd Borkey, Chief Technology Officer
Alion CTO Todd Borkey is leading the organization’s Ai strategy and rapidly growing the Alion Ai team to revolutionize customer systems, platforms, and operations. During his career as a systems engineer, program manager, and technology executive, Todd has been at the forefront of several technology and market inflection points. He played a leading role in the first implementation of undersea optical communications, TDMA wireless devices, airborne remote sensors, and now Ai. Todd is currently developing Alion’s eco-system of Ai partners, while helping our clients embrace and deploy these exciting new technologies.

Brendan McElrone, Technical Director, Artificial Intelligence 
Brendan McElrone provides technical leadership to the company’s expanding applied Ai portfolio. During his assignment with Alion, Brendan has served as program manager and solutions architect on several multidisciplinary Ai projects; leading a talented team of developers on all cross-functional internal research and development efforts. From Ai based synthetic environment simulations to low latency embedded Ai deployed at the edge, Brendan is cultivating and advancing the company’s core goal of state-of-the-art Ai. Prior to joining the Alion team he effectively managed multiple corporate teams and entrepreneurial projects; including technical solutions leadership at Lockheed Martin, developing cutting edge technology at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and managing all aspects of small business solutions development. Brendan contributes a unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a passion for probing and deciphering the uncharted, traits tailored to advancing Alion’s Ai capabilities.

Brendan received a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He performed his bachelor studies in electrical engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).

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