Many Moves Ahead

We constantly innovate to address today’s rapidly changing, multi-domain global security threats, all to offer U.S. warfighters the strategic advantage.

The shared skills of our Cyber Network Solutions, ISR, and Advanced Technology groups results in agile innovation that brings new technologies to warfighting domains.

Who We Are

From the lab to the battle space, we support the men and women
of the United States Armed Forces.

Our commitment is at the heart of the inventive solutions showcased in each of the capabilities seen below.

I joined Alion 35 years ago as an Electrical Engineer and became a specialist in RF Spectrum Engineering. What keeps me here is the interesting work and the great team we’ve built for our specialized Spectrum work. It feels good to know we’ve been making a difference in this area for nearly 60 years.

Scott Wiley

Operations Manager, Spectrum Solutions

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