Alion Awarded $1M Air Force Contract to Evaluate and Improve Procedures for Inspecting Aircraft

Technology Solutions Company to Provide Third-Party Assessment of Aircraft Review Processes and Nondestructive Inspections

McLean, VA – December 22, 2008 – Air Force planes are routinely inspected for surface cracks and flaws to ensure safety. Improvements to outdated, labor-intensive inspection technology will reduce the number of missed flaws.

Alion Science and Technology, an employee-owned technology solutions provider, has been awarded a $1.057 million contract to help the Air Force remedy these inspection challenges by reviewing the current Nondestructive Inspections (NDI) processes and recommending best practice changes to these procedures. Under the one-year contract, Alion will provide third-party review of more than 90 inspections for safety of flight critical structures across the Air Force fleet. Alion will recommend changes to these inspection procedures and will also recommend improvements to NDI equipment. For instance, if existing NDI tools are deemed insufficient, Alion will recommend modified NDI probes and tool kits.

“Improvements to the NDI procedures will reduce the number of missed cracks while improving inspection area coverage and the speed to accomplish the work,” said Chris Amos, Alion Senior Vice President and Manager of the Technical Solutions Group. “In addition, improved NDI procedures will lead to longer maintenance inspection intervals and could eliminate the need for field-level inspections, which translates into reduced labor needed to ensure aircraft integrity.” Alion is partnering with the Air Force NDI Program Office at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma with the ultimate purpose of improving these inspection processes so the weapons platforms are inherently safer.

Subcontractors supporting Alion include the Texas Research Institute (TRI) and UniWest. Alion and TRI inspectors are certified as Level III by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, which qualifies them to review and audit the NDI procedures. UniWest is a manufacturer of eddy current and ultrasonic nondestructive testing equipment and is providing prototype NDI probes and tool kits.

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