Alion Introduces Solution to Determine Survivability of Large Structures in Response to Damage or Attack

Innovative technology pinpoints vulnerability of structures, from ships to skyscrapers

McLean, VA – January 16, 2007 – Piracy and terrorism have continued to show no borders or bounds. With nearly ninety-five percent of world cargo traveling by sea, recent attacks on transport vessels have pressed the need for ship designers, owners and insurers to consider and implement measures for ship survivability. In response, Alion Science and Technology today announced the general availability of the Measure of Total Integrated System Survivability™ (MOTISS™) program, a software tool that identifies and assesses the vulnerability of structural designs, including ships, buildings and bridges.

Designed as a complete survivability design and assessment tool, MOTISS can be used to engineer defenses against threats to naval and commercial vessels and infrastructure targets. MOTISS integrates susceptibility, vulnerability and recoverability analysis into one program applicable at any stage of design or service life of the structure.

“Our intent was to develop a tool that addressed survivability issues, specifically, what’s the risk of being hit; what damage can be expected; will the ship be able to recover; and what can be done within the budget to make it better?” said Vice Admiral Scott Fry (USN, Ret.), Alion Sector Senior Vice President and manager of the company’s Engineering and Integration Solutions Sector.

Alion’s engineering solutions have helped enhance the survivability of US, Republic of Korea and Israeli navies for over a decade. Building on their long-standing expertise in areas of weapons effects damage mitigation, ship recovery and safety, Alion’s forensic weapons experts, engineers and scientists created MOTISS as the next generation of ship survivability assessment, enhancement and optimization tool.

MOTISS implements and evaluates infra-red, radar, acoustic and magnetic signatures in order to determine probable threat distributions and weapon strike locations. Further, MOTISS evaluates critical factors that include weapons ballistics and blasts (internal, external or contact, either in the air or undersea), shaped charge jetting, fragmentation, shock, hull whipping, fire spread, flooding and damaged stability.

Using Alion’s proprietary network decision/evaluation model (MIND/E™), MOTISS can evaluate the probability of system deactivation and reactivation (through component repair and replacement, or system reconfiguration), the probability of fire or flooding containment, the probability of secondary detonation (such as from onboard munitions or incendiaries) and the probability of loss. MOTISS further determines and provides the root cause of failure for each system, effectively identifying those vulnerable components and/or ship areas necessitating protection.

MOTISS uses discrete genetic optimization to assess and rank “best buy” survivability enhancement options unique to each vessel. Mr. Fry explained, “MOTISS lets us find solutions that are within our customers’ budgets. Using this tool, we can propose survivability measures that are cost effective, so they can clearly understand the risks and benefits of each option. As a result, we’re helping them choose the level of survivability that makes the most sense for their specific situation.”

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