Your world — your challenges, your goals, your mission — is constantly evolving. With insights and expertise in multiple business areas, Alion's advanced engineering, IT and operational solutions can help you embrace change, respond effectively and prosper.

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Naval Enabling the complete lifecycle of surface and undersea vessels. With nearly 50 years of maritime experience, Alion provides comprehensive technical expertise for ship and systems design as well as acquisition and production supervision, testing, delivery and engineering support to commercial and government markets worldwide. More»

Systems Analysis, Design and Engineering

systemsanalysisIntegrating people, processes and information. Enhance performance, control costs, increase safety and improve information flow across networks and organizations. From proving a system’s viability to re-engineering and prototyping critical parts, securing data to re-engineering workflows, Alion can help you increase uptime and amplify your capabilities. More»

Modeling, Simulation, Training and Analysis

Modeling and SimulationAnswering the question, “What if?” Enrich training, identify operational risks and improve system operations. Alion’s modeling and simulation expertise helps you predict outcomes and refine strategies for optimal results, while our renowned wireless spectrum expertise can improve the reliability and capability of this essential resource. More»