Employee Ownership

“Employee ownership provides me with the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the success of the company. As an Alion employee-owner since 2002, I am very proud of Alion’s growth and success and the part I have had in helping the company meet its goals.”

Benefits Manager

“Why I like working for an employee owned company? I love the camaraderie, working together as a team and knowing I have a financial stake in the bottom line.”

Senior Benefits Analyst

Employee Ownership

The Alion Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) provides employee-owners the opportunity to share in the Company’s success by providing employee-owners with an opportunity to invest in Alion stock. Alion's Employee Ownership, Savings and Investment Plan (KSOP*) combines the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and a managed 401(k) plan.

Alion stock undergoes an independent valuation twice each year to set the stock price.


* Note: Under the terms of the Alion KSOP, you are eligible to participate if you are paid under a U.S. based payroll.  The majority of Alion employees are paid under a U.S. based payroll and are therefore eligible to participate in the Alion KSOP.  Employees who are paid under a foreign payroll, such as a German, Canadian, or other foreign payroll, are not eligible to participate in the Alion KSOP.

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