About Alion

Vision, Mission and Values


To be the premier, total technology solutions provider for the global marketplace.


Alion fosters a dynamic culture that encourages the innovative application of science, engineering and operational experience to support the successful resolution of nationally and globally significant problems.

We will:

  • Provide leading-edge research and development services in areas of national and global significance
  • Attract and retain the highest quality operational experts, scientists and engineers
  • Operate world-renowned research facilities and laboratories
  • Seek out and create valued intellectual property to complement our capabilities and expand our portfolio of products


  • Integrity of work, people and results
  • Commitment to the personal success and professional growth of our people, the success of our projects and the long-term success of Alion
  • Respect for our co-workers, customers, partners and competitors
  • Highest quality of effort and work product