Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy

Canada’s long-range plans for non-combat-oriented vessels involve building new ships to support greater initiatives. Alion Canada, as part of the team led by Vancouver Shipyards, is helping to fulfill this mission with an $8 billion award under Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS). The team will design and construct ships to include: the Joint Support Ship, the CCG’s Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel, Offshore Oceanographic Support Vessel and the Polar Icebreaker.

Alion Canada developed the contract design package for the CCG for the Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel, through a joint venture with Robert Allan, Ltd. known as RALion. The vessel will be the first in the NSS program and will be used to conduct scientific research in Canada’s oceans.

Alion Canada is also developing the design for the Joint Support Ship for Vancouver Shipyard, ensuring that the design meets Canada’s requirements and the shipyard’s production practices and processes.

Alion Canada has proven experience with Canadian vessels, as well as a worldwide presence.

Worldwide Presence

Our naval architects and marine engineers have provided designs for Australia’s new high-tech research vessel (RV). The RV INVESTIGATOR, delivered in 2014, was designed by the RALion joint venture to accommodate diverse research capabilities throughout the Great Southern Ocean. Australia’s largest research vessel, INVESTIGATOR is also among the quietest research vessels in the world, allowing crews to carry out sensitive environmental studies.