Success Stories

Securing Defense Intelligence


Minimizing the risks posed by intelligence vulnerabilities is at the forefront of the Department of Defense’s Operations Security (OPSEC). Alion has stepped in to enhance the risk and vulnerability assessment with new technology that simplifies and speeds up data gathering and analysis.


Alion developed a custom, web-based OPSEC risk and vulnerability assessment and analysis tool for the DoD called Operations Security Collaborative ARchitecture (OSCAR). Based on Alion’s CounterMeasures® Risk Analysis Software, OSCAR uses current threat intelligence data specific to the user’s operational environment to calculate risk. OSCAR then provides standardized reports and offers recommendations for an appropriate countermeasure in the event any vulnerabilities are found.

OSCAR is deployed through the DoD’s Secret Internet Protocol Router Network and lets OPSEC officers worldwide easily collect and analyze data and collaborate on critical information. OSCAR can help with both ongoing and ad hoc OPSEC efforts.

Alion is helping expose potential risks of critical information so that OPSEC officers can react quickly with the appropriate countermeasure.