Success Stories

Safeguarding Chemical Facilities with Security Assessments

Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure

Chemical facilities face security risks ranging from terrorism and criminal acts to accidents and natural disasters and are considered to be critical infrastructure by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). To help DHS assist the chemical industry in identifying security gaps, Alion developed a web-based risk assessment tool known as the Voluntary Chemical Assessment Tool (VCAT).

Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure

Built on Alion’s CounterMeasures® risk assessment technology, VCAT allows chemical facility owners and operators to assess their security measures, identify potential vulnerabilities and analyze threats and risks. The results of each assessment are shared with DHS, giving them insight into the industry’s preparedness.

With over 180 companies and municipalities onboard and more than 400 assessments completed, the success of VCAT is growing. Plus, VCAT has gained endorsements from two leading industry associations, the American Chemical Council and the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates.