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Alion Laser Cladding System Named one of R&D Magazine’s Top 100 Most Technologically Significant Products

Produced for US Navy, system could save millions of dollars by extending the life of metal parts

August 2, 2004 - MCLEAN, VA — A laser “cladding” system developed by Alion Science and Technology has been named one of the “Top 100 Most Technologically Significant Products of the Year” by R&D Magazine. The system, developed for the US Navy, significantly extends the life of metal parts, potentially saving millions of dollars in replacement parts. The High Power Direct Diode Laser Cladding System uses a complex, 4000 watt laser system to refurbish metal parts by bonding a layer of new metal to them. This allows for a much greater life span for machinery parts, such as drive shafts and valve gates, by renewing the surface and protecting the parts from corrosion and wear. Alion’s team produced a number of innovations to develop a versatile, yet practical solution. Multi-axis robotics, integrated monitoring devices, and imaging and heat control systems allow operators to clad a broad variety of parts accurately. “Alion’s experts routinely solve complex problems through innovative technologies,” said Bahman Atefi, Alion Chairman and CEO. “The result is a system that will meet the Navy’s requirements for flexibility, efficiency and quality control. We appreciate the recognition from such a well-respected publication.” The system was developed under contract to the Department of Defense’s Manufacturing Technology Information Analysis Center (MTIAC). The Illinois Coalition, working with the Illinois Congressional delegation, was instrumental in helping Alion secure funding for this program. The complete results of this year’s competition will appear in the September issue of R&D Magazine.

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