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Alion and NGRAIN Partner to Deliver Interactive 3D Training and Assembly Solutions to the Defense and Manufacturing Sectors

3D iManuals™ Use Interactivity and Realistic Images to Accelerate Assembly, Repair and Maintenance Procedures and Improve Training on Complex Equipment

April 22, 2004 - MCLEAN, VA — Alion Science and Technology and NGRAIN Corporation today announced that they have signed a partnership agreement whereby Alion will use NGRAIN 3D technology and Product Knowledge Management tools to develop and market 3D interactive products and services, including Alion’s exclusive 3D iManuals™, to its customers in the defense, civilian government and commercial sectors.

The partnership builds on Alion’s recent successes implementing 3D iManual solutions in the automotive industry.

With a 3D iManual, deployed on a common PC or over the Web, users can not only look at detailed 3D images of complex equipment, they can also zoom in, rotate and break apart the graphics to see how each part of the equipment fits together. In addition, the different parts can be linked to instructional materials, procedural animations, reference data, documents and inventory databases.

As a result, hours or days of sifting through paper manuals for assembly or repair procedures can become an on-demand, easy, point and click exercise. Further, 3D iManuals can be taken to the worksite, whether that is under a vehicle, inside an airplane or in a workshop or garage, giving users the right information they need, whenever they need it.

Leveraging NGRAIN technology and tools, 3D iManuals are developed using an organization’s existing 3D data and knowledge assets, effectively extending its investments for use throughout the rest of the organization to support every step of a product’s life-cycle, from design and engineering through to technical service and support, training and marketing.

“NGRAIN’s technology is a perfect complement to Alion’s ability to integrate complete solutions, and enables us to effectively advance the adoption of our products in some of our key markets,” said Paul Lindahl, President and CEO of NGRAIN. “Together we’re creating solutions that allow customers to see continuing returns on their investments in 3D data, throughout their organization, to dramatically enhance business applications.”

Bahman Atefi, Chairman and CEO of Alion, said, “This level of interactive 3D capability is now made easily accessible and affordable. Alion is focused on delivering tangible benefits to our customers. By partnering with NGRAIN, we are able to give our large and small customers alike access to a substantial, competitive solution for manufacturing, training and support that will enable them to achieve their objectives more quickly and effectively.”

Alion’s 3D iManuals can significantly boost productivity in equipment assembly and, in service and repair procedures. In addition, they can dramatically enhance knowledge retention and comprehension in training on complex equipment. This solution brings expert knowledge to users at every skill level, whenever and wherever they need it, improving the speed at which users become proficient in a technique or procedure.

The 3D iManual solution has applications for a number of markets, including process manufacturing, technical service and customer support. It also provides great benefits for Alion’s core defense market, supporting the repair and maintenance of vehicles and heavy equipment.

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