Press Releases

January 30, 2015  Alion Expands Focus on Wireless Spectrum Management   More»

December 04, 2014  Alion Awarded $4.5M Contract to Support Air Force Research Laboratory with Research and Development of Software-Based, Wireless Communications Systems   More»

September 30, 2014  Alion Awarded $34 Million Navy Contract to Support Platforms, Sensors and Launch Systems   More»

July 30, 2014  Alion Launches Risk Assessment Solution for the Chemical Industry Based on Technology Developed for DHS   More»

July 29, 2014  Alion Awarded $11.4M DTRA Contract to Enhance Integrated Set of Modeling and Simulation Tools for CBRNE Missions   More»

July 02, 2014  Alion Awarded $24M Naval Contract to Support Virtual Training for Anti-Submarine Warfare   More»

June 18, 2014  Alion Named an Awardee of the DoD IACs’ DS TAT MAC Valued at up to $3 Billion   More»

May 29, 2014  Alion Awarded $2.8M DTRA Contract to Develop Improvements to Nuclear Detection Technology   More»

April 08, 2014  Alion Wins $17.7M Contract to Help Department of Defense (DoD) Defeat Emerging IED Threats and Hazards   More»

January 31, 2014  Alion Awarded DTRA Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Contract Valued at up to $4B   More»

January 16, 2014  Alion Science and Technology Opens New Charleston Facility to Support SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic   More»

January 07, 2014  Alion Names Kevin Boyle General Counsel   More»

December 09, 2013  Alion Awarded $45M Army Task Order to Assess Leading-Edge Technologies and Strengthen Soldier Readiness   More»

November 21, 2013  Alion Awards HRPP Accreditation to ethica Clinical Research Inc.   More»

November 05, 2013  Alion Wins $21.3M Contract Supporting ARDEC with Engineering Assessment and R&D for Weapons Systems   More»

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