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Australian Research Vessel Designed by Alion Joint Venture Named “Boat of the Month”

Australia’s new high-tech research vessel, the RV Investigator, was featured by Marine News as the “Boat of the Month.” Designed by RALion, a joint venture between Alion, Alion Canada and Robert Allan Ltd, Investigator will be among the quietest and most capable scientific research vessels in the world.

As Australia’s largest research vessel, Investigator was constructed to accommodate diverse research capabilities throughout the Great Southern Ocean and will soon enter service for Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Equipped for a full range of ocean and atmospheric research, Investigator meets the stringent DNV Silent-R underwater radiated noise requirements, allowing the vessel to carry out sensitive environmental research.

In the Marine News article, Investigator is explored in greater depth in addition to being described as “a scientist’s dream platform, with virtually every bell and whistle the research community could possibly want.

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