Project Management

Alion Project Management Tool

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Projects don’t exist in a vacuum of timelines and milestones. Financial information, contract details, change management and customer inputs are just a handful of the other data that are needed to ensure the success of a project.

The Alion Project Management Tool (APT) links data from multiple internal sources, allowing the system to manage any group of related activities, including contract-related projects. Within APT, customizable templates tie together scheduling, labor and non-labor resources, along with financial information for the Project Manager, bringing all of those resources together in context.

Money Matters

The system allows users to logically group the ways in which their projects are funded, drill deeply into project costs, plan project execution and spending, and view project plans vs. actual costs, which supports improved, streamlined budget control.

Key Capabilities

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  • Document management
  • Action item management
  • Requirements management
  • Issue and change tracking
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Journaling
  • Report generation
  • Customer feedback collection
  • Inventory management

APT also includes a robust financial planning and management capability that can incorporate the project work authorizations and tracking of contract deliverables.

Not Just for Project Managers

APT screen shot 3

Each user’s view of the system is based on his or her role in the project and in the organization, so only relevant details are shown. Plans are developed and managed by the project manager in the context of project execution, while financial analysts and controllers can have insight via the links to the financial elements of the contract, CLIN and job number. The project manager can control the level of access for each project member and role.

APT is web-based for easy collaboration, and with a comprehensive set of features and an intuitive interface, the system’s learning curve is kept to a minimum, allowing users to be productive quickly.

Real project management control is more than just sticking to the schedule. With APT, project managers can finally see the big picture, so projects can meet deadlines, budgets and expectations.