Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

MOTISS™ - Measure of Total Integrated System Survivability™


MOTISS™ integrates blast effects and recovery analysis within a single package to assist in survivability design, design evaluation, requirements assessment and resource allocation. Based on Alion's years of expert survivability engineering experience and analyses, MOTISS is the answer to government and industry’s need for a rapid and effective survivability evaluation tool.

Why MOTISS? Why not FEA or CFD?

Advanced Finite Element Analyses (FEA) or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) whole ship analyses are expensive, both in analysis time and money, and often only provide the structural response of the vessel to a single “worse case” threat detonation point. But, how do you know if the FEA or CFD detonation point really was the “worse case?"

With MOTISS, the user can investigate and compare the effectiveness of two or more separate survivability enhancement design options and determine which provides the best “bang for the buck.” The user can also manipulate the design, moving system components or plate armor to find design changes which have minimal cost or no cost, but which enhance the total survivability of the structure.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Analysis

MOTISS provides:

  • Single-point and root-cause of failure determination
  • First order structural and network system evaluations
  • Unbiased survivability design and option comparisons
  • Integrated vulnerability and recoverability evaluations
  • Progressive fire, flooding and threat damage analyses
  • Ballistic, jet, fragment and blast damage analyses       

MOTISS – The Science of Survivability™


MOTISS is both a process and a program. It is a process by which a system of systems' (such as a naval or commercial ship, a building or an oil rig) overall survivability is assessed probabilistically in the event of one or more threats.

Using first principle physics coupled with empirical data and tests, MOTISS provides a rapid first order solution to an event thousands of times, with each test randomly varying the threat parameters and hit location, in order to capture the chaotic nature of the random unknowns. This provides the ability to determine probabilistically, what would, will, or did happen in a similar real world threat event.

MOTISS allows the system designer, engineer or operator to locate and rank weaknesses quickly in order to allow for corrective action before those weaknesses are exploited in a real world scenario.

Additionally, a version called MOTISS - Integrated Barrier Analysis (MOTISS-IBA™) brings the same benefits and comprehensive power of MOTISS to the offshore oil industry.