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Micro Saint® Sharp

Micro Saint Sharp

Optimize processes, workflows, manpower and resources with the industry’s leading simulation tool.

Micro Saint® Sharp's power, flexibility and tools for optimization make it the simulation tool of choice for any organization. With a computer model of your process built in Micro Saint Sharp, you can answer all your "what if?" questions:

  • What if you want to ensure that customers do not wait more than 15 minutes for service? What will happen to total cost?
  • What if you reduce manpower and increase automation? What will happen to workload and overall system performance?
  • What if you add new equipment to your manufacturing process? What will happen to cycle time and throughput?

Find the right answers with Micro Saint Sharp.

If you can flow chart it, you can simulate it.

Micro Saint Sharp Interface
Micro Saint Sharp Interface
Micro Saint Sharp Interface

Micro Saint Sharp’s intuitive graphical user interface and flow chart approach to modeling make it easy to use by generalists as well as simulation experts. The results can be viewed both graphically and as 2D or 3D animations.

Micro Saint Sharp has proven to be an invaluable asset in both small businesses and Fortune 500 organizations that span the U.S. military, health care, manufacturing and the service industry.

For Systems of Any Size or Complexity

With Micro Saint Sharp, there’s no limit on the size or complexity of the models you create. From simple models to the highly complex, you and Micro Saint Sharp can handle it all successfully. All unique aspects of the system you are modeling can be represented in Micro Saint Sharp using a series of modeling components and the Microsoft C# programming language.

Point-and-Click Results

Micro Saint Sharp automatically collects the data you need to understand your process, including utilization, queues, resources and tasks. So once you execute the model, you start getting answers quickly. Plus, you can customize data collection to see results for any data you want.

Find out more. Try it yourself.

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