Decision Support/Risk Analysis

VIBES™ - Visualization of Belief Systems™


Entering a new locale can present great risks to military, diplomatic and humanitarian personnel. A better understanding of the community’s beliefs and influences can lessen those risks and improve the chances of a successful mission.

Alion’s Visualization of Belief Systems™ (VIBES™) tool can help leaders predict the effects of new strategies and tactics on a society, prepare troops for entering new regions and support relationships with local government officials and citizens, while providing awareness of the level of risk, including the likelihood of possible attacks.

VIBES can account for factors that include:

  • People’s prior knowledge
  • Their level of trust in close relationships
  • Contacts with influential people and sources of propaganda
  • Politics, religion, local customs and culture

VIBES automates the analysis and assessment of this input using dynamic network analysis and forecasting capabilities developed at Carnegie Mellon University. With a wealth of powerful, yet intuitive features, VIBES:

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  • Integrates state-of-the-art dynamic network analysis and visualization into an easy to use web application
  • Accepts and processes unstructured text formats, such as PDFs
  • Integrates with customer-centered workflows through a web-services architecture
  • Can be customized to a specific area of interest or culture

VIBES is available as an installable web-based package or through a subscription plan.