Decision Support/Risk Analysis

PEMS™ - Predictive Enterprise Management System™


Shifting priorities, budget adjustments and the ever-changing availability of assets all affect your readiness posture. PEMS allows you to easily explore relationships between needs and costs, allowing you to set priorities with greater confidence.

PEMS screen shot 2

Designed for non-technical users, PEMS is a Web-based tool used to measure and forecast readiness. It can be used to examine force structure changes, Concept of Operations (CONOPS), funding impacts, Operational Tempo (OPTEMPO) changes and enterprise readiness.

Using PEMS, you can compare different distributions of budget or assets in real time, graphically showing the answer to “what if” questions such as, “If I had an additional $XX budget, how should I distribute it to get the best ROI?”

This customized solution uses a unique, Alion-developed algorithm (that is part of our SmartMoves™ technology) that lets you enter data using your terminology, so you see results that make sense in your environment. A comparable Alion-built solution is in use at numerous Air Force commands and directorates.

PEMS can help you reduce the risk inherent in your resource allocation decisions, leading to measurably better results and improved readiness.