Decision Support/Risk Analysis


MobSim Transportation costs are directly related to how efficiently cargo can travel from its origin to the final destination. Timing is everything; the more complex the routing, the harder it is to predict the impact of processing and shipping using multiple modes of transportation.

MobSim™ and SimViewer™ allow users to analyze the ability of a transportation fleet and its routing to meet cost and time requirements. The tools work together to generate results and display them graphically, using charts, tables and animations, which can show both the current and predicted locations at any given moment.

The system can be used for airlift planning, contingency planning, force analysis and developing future refueling system requirements. By allowing for better timing and more efficient shipment of goods, MobSim and SimViewer can address military, humanitarian, and civilian planning needs.

Simplify Transportation Planning

SimViewer MobSim is a powerful mobility analysis tool that is capable of dealing with large mobility simulation problems and questions, yet can be run on a PC or laptop. The tool can account for multiple modes of transportation including air, sea, rail and truck operations, singly or in combination.

SimViewer interacts with MobSim to graphically portray locations, platform movement and status of a full range of resources in displays that are widely scalable from global to local perspectives.

The system provides a fine level of detail. For example, MobSim/SimViewer can be used to visualize the movement (at varying rates of speed) of air, sea, rail and ground transportation platforms that enables more detailed analysis. Additionally, users can display the location and status of positioned supplies, organizations and capabilities.


View movement of all modes of transportation


View details by vehicle or cargo


View and compare data from all vehicles and/or cargo


Control panel allows easy operation of all display parameters