Decision Support/Risk Analysis

Decision Support-Risk Analysis


Risk and vulnerability assessment solution. Web-based risk assessment, analysis and management software to enhance your organization's security posture. More»


Transportation analysis system. Transportation simulation to improve timing and efficiency of cargo shipments. More»

MOTISS-IBA™ - Measure of Total Integrated System Survivability - Integrated Barrier Analysis

Risk analysis for the offshore industry. Software and technology to better assess risks of oil platforms and rigs. More»

PEMS™ - Predictive Enterprise Management System™

Readiness analysis software. Web-based, decision support tool allowing non-technical users to measure and forecast readiness, set priorities and reduce risks of resource allocation choices. More»


Resource allocation analysis “engine.” Technology for building advanced decision support tools that “learn” through experience, supporting better use of resources and assets. More»

VIBES™ - Visualization of Belief Systems™

Social systems analysis software. Web-based tool for studying how beliefs spread through real world social systems, to predict the effects of policies and tactics on specific societies. More»