Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Space Vehicle and Satellite Coatings


From lift-off to completion, aerospace vehicles demand high-quality, long-lasting coatings to withstand drastic changes in temperature and conditions that could impact operability. Whether customers need a standard coating solution or a unique formulated material to protect structures and components, Alion can provide guidance in that decision. Alion also gives customers the capability to apply coatings to hardware components at our extensive laboratory facilities.

Alion offers cost-effective thermal control coating preparation and application services for satellites and spacecraft at our Advanced Materials and Coatings Laboratory (AMCL). Our engineers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to assist customers with their coating needs, having produced materials for the Gemini and Apollo Missions, NASA and DoD. Our Z93, S13 series and MH55ICP (black conductive) coatings have been applied to various components on the International Space Station and YB-71 has been used to coat Defense Satellite Program satellites. View our coating specifications.

In addition to standard and custom coating solutions, Alion provides the following services:

  • Product Testing
  • Materials Research and Development
  • Application and Formulation Solutions
  • Records or Hardware Inspection Services
  • Specification Review
  • Consulting Services
  • Expert Witnessing
  • Development and Production of Special or Experimental Formulations
  • Deposition of all Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC Paints)

Certification and Quality Assurance


Alion has high standards for quality assurance and quality control. AMCL is ISO 9001:2008 registered by EAGLE Registrations and all preparations and coatings are conducted in compliance with full quality assurance requirements.

To help customers meet their quality assurance needs, Alion provides a Certificate of Conformance in the form of a letter indicating the required traceability. Additionally, a customized Quality Assurance Program Plan (QAPP) can be developed upon request, for a fee, to better suit customer needs.

Certification testing services include: solar absorptance, total normal emittance, adhesion, thermal shock and outgassing properties. The cost is dependent on material specifications and required testing. Please contact us to obtain a price quote.

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