Systems Analysis, Design and Engineering

Logistics and Readiness

Logistics and Readiness

The supply chain is just the beginning. Alion optimizes every aspect of the planning, procurement, maintenance, distribution and replacement of equipment — resulting in a force that’s not just prepared, not just equipped, but undeniably ready for the next mission.

Alion’s logistics experts have deep experience in every aspect of this essential science, including:

  • Supply chain consulting and management, including asset visibility using active RFID and other technologies
  • Enterprise integration and transformation, to replace outdated legacy systems and optimize depots
  • Distribution management and transportation, including force deployment tools
  • Maintenance, modifications and upgrades to aircraft, vehicles and electronics
  • Facility management and base operation support
  • Predictive analysis and support for integrated logistics support (ILS) and logistics support analysis (LSA)

We actively support the reset of vehicles, ships, aircraft and equipment returning from in-theatre use. Alion’s parts-on-demand and re-engineering/prototyping solutions are essential tools in the effort to extend the useful life of these assets.