Systems Analysis, Design and Engineering

IT Systems Engineering and Software Lifecycle Support

IT Systems Engineering and Software Lifecycle Support

While the amount of data you capture is expanding exponentially, the need for frontline personnel and key decision makers to access, analyze, share and secure it is growing just as quickly.

Alion supports smarter, more integrated uses of data to support critical functions, from C4ISR to healthcare IT.  We can maximize the benefits — and minimize the risks — of acquiring new technology.

Cyber-security and Information Assurance

Data is only useful if it’s accurate and accessible. But there’s a double-edged sword: can you ensure your data systems are available while defending them from intrusion and corruption? Alion’s experts, using dedicated laboratory resources, are developing new approaches to deal with this fast-evolving challenge. Our cyber-security solutions encompass penetration testing, scanning and systems hardening.

IT Architecture and Integration

Alion designs, develops and integrates enterprise information systems to maintain reliable, secure and useful computing environments. We’ll help you use COTS and GOTS products effectively and develop or customize software to give you the functionality and efficiency you need; Alion provides both full software development lifecycle (SDLC) and help desk support.

SOA, Semantic and Ontology Services

Alion helps organizations break down obstacles to information sharing, using semantic technologies. Building on your existing infrastructure for maximum ROI, our semantic web experts can create a framework with greater interoperability. More»

HRPP Accreditation Services

The Alion HRPP Accreditation Program offers experienced comprehensive accreditation services for organizations involved in conducting, managing, or reviewing research involving humans. More»