Modeling, Simulation, Training and Analysis

Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming Simulation Development

live Virtual Constructive and Gaming Simulation Development

Training is essential to a well-prepared force, but has the potential to be costly, time-consuming and dangerous. Through training that incorporates live, virtual, computer-to-computer and gaming elements, decision-makers and warfighters can learn and reinforce their skills and reactions while facing challenges that can help them to better handle uncertainty in the field.

Serious Game Training Solutions

By leveraging video game technology, Alion has been helping DoD organizations meet critical training requirements. Our experts build on industry-leading commercial and open source gaming engines to develop solutions that can enhance skills development, improve retention and elevate real-world performance. More»

Geospatial Intelligence

Total awareness of a geographical area is crucial to both commanders and troops in the field. Through highly detailed terrain datasets, policies and enterprise solutions, Alion engineers are helping improve both the accuracy of training simulations and situational awareness for warfighters and decision makers.  More»

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