Alion is poised for growth, and we need the right people to get there!

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Alion is poised for growth. To get there, we need your help to make sure we start FY18 with the best and the brightest— like you! So, until September 29, our standard bonuses will be increased to $5,000 for qualified referrals.


These enhanced bonuses will only apply to the designated hard-to-fill and priority positions associated with this campaign.

  • The total bonus will be paid incrementally: $3,000 after 90 days, $1,000 after 12 months, and $1,000 after 24 months.
  • In line with our standard referral policy, bonuses will not apply to referrals for candidates whose resumes we have received in the past or for individuals previously employed by Alion.
  • Every employee who makes a referral will receive an “Alion C.E.O” (Collaborative Employment Officer) lanyard.
  • The person who refers the most candidates hired will also receive a $125 gift card to their favorite restaurant at the end of the campaign. (Sorry, folks: Ties for 1st place with one referral will mean no gift card for anyone.)


Get started referring today by instructing people in your network to view the list of positions and apply directly via our eRecruit site. As part of their online application process, they should indicate you as the referring employee. This approach will ensure we most fairly and efficiently track credit for your referrals.

For more information on all of the available opportunities available across Alion, check out our main Careers page.